The policy of quality of MADERAS QUINTELA, S.L. is to maintain a quality in their work so that we can convert in the best associates of our customers, offering products and services without errors, allowing the mutual benefit.

Our policy OF QUALITY, is supported by the following items, which are considered as objectives as a matter of general guidelines, namely:

  • Get a quality-price competitive, eliminating the costs of not quality.

  • The compliance of all the requirements stipulated in the Quality System, as well as the legal and regulatory applicable to our activity to ensure the safety and protection of society and the Environment.

  • The Customer Satisfaction is priority status for the success of MADERAS QUINTELA, S.L. and essential to get its future development.

  • The spirit of teamwork, the self-criticism and communication among all staff to enhance our capabilities, overcome our potential weaknesses and satisfy our Customers with our services.

  • Enhancing human factor as principle imperative of quality. Only through the proper training, communication, active participation and teamwork of all the people who are part of MADERAS QUINTELA, S.L. will business excellence.

  • Establish programs of continuous improvement, through the formulation and concrete goals at the time.

  • Ensuring the effectiveness and reliability of the production, through the control and continuous improvement of the processes that make up our activity.

  • Working with our suppliers to assume our commitment to quality.

This policy will give us a frame of reference to establish and revise the objectives of quality.


IIt also will be communicated to their understanding within the organization and will be reviewed for its continual adequacy.


In MADERAS QUINTELA. S. L, our intention is to promote sustainable forest management, so as to contribute to not lose mass forest and that in this way we can deliver to future generations, what we have legacy.


From the direction of MADERAS QUINTELA. S. L, will take all possible measures to ensure that the wood from illegal logging or other sources conflict is acquired by this company.


If demonstrated that this company has received wood from such sources, we will act immediately taking measures that include the cancellation of future purchases to any supplier that we have been supplied wood suspect, coming from such sources.

Our policy of CdC is based on, the promotion of sustainable forest management.


This company is committed to complying with the laws and regulations applicable, related to the Sustainable Forest Management, and in particular with the chain of custody, ensuring the implantation, compliance and the maintenance of the requirements of the rules of chain of custody of the Normative Document of PEFC, chain of custody of Forest Products – Requirements. Annex 4.


Other general objectives or guidelines, which supports the policy of CdC are:

  • Boost GFS and the CdC in our suppliers.

  • Foster greater transparency and control of illegal logging and forest activities of exploitation and skidding on the mount.

  • Keep the habitats of wild life through the protection of wild fauna and flora and forest management.

  • Increasing the value-added and the social recognition of forest products to the guaranteed, through an independent third party, which come from a sustainable management.

  • Promoting the forest products as product ecologic as it is a renewable resource, as well as, offer our customers the chance to gain access to markets potential ecologic.


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